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Moving Forward .
Towards Better Life And Happiness

A setback: a hurdle: a failure, are all stepping stones towards
awareness and new lessons.


Life, as they say, is a bumpy ride! And when this ride called life with all its magnificence brings us to crossroads, we stumble, we fall. We tend to doubt our own identity and question the very purpose and essence of our being. This is the time when our deepest and darkest fears rear their ugly heads, holding us back and hindering our journey forward - we get stuck or at least we think so.

What do we do now? How do we overcome this? This is where I can help you. 

As a cognitive behaviour hypnotherapist, my constant endeavour is to support and encourage my clients to discuss, face and confront their doubts, fears, and stressors,  understand their needs and expectations and equip them to meet them. I provide a confidential, warm and safe atmosphere that facilitates them to go past their fears or other negative emotions - to unfreeze and flow towards fulfilment. My clients are empowered with creative, insightful, and congruent shifts in thoughts, feelings and actions - to create the life they desire.


Each session is individually crafted as per the agreed goals.  The aim is always to connect with the inner strength or build it! With the help of cognitive behaviour hypnotherapy and NLP, I bring about profound changes in my clients.

“Our reality is created by ourselves:  thoughts…. feelings…. action

Mili Sasidharan

Psychotherapist, Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Coach


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What is 

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (CBH)?

The power of the immensely capable mind forms the basis of hypnotherapy and CBH leverages this power, coupled with focus and imagination, bringing changes in your reality. The therapy helps to harness your full potential in order to lead a life of greater meaning and purpose and ultimately expand your choice of how you live your life.

CBH is an evidence-based therapy that has been proven through several studies to be a distinctively comprehensive and effective approach. CBH integrates the cognitive and behavioral approaches with hypnosis with the goal of changing behavior (action) and cognition (thoughts, beliefs, expectations, ideas, or assumptions). So CBH, in other words, employs a three-pronged approach to bring about the desired changes in your life.

“Hypnotherapy is the therapy of imagination & suggestion, of words that are used to stimulate the conscious imagination profoundly enough to bring about genuine therapeutic change.”(The practice of Cognitive-Behavioural approach-A manual for evidence-based clinical hypnosis: Donald Robertson)

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