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Weight Management

“Your body can do it, it is your mind that you have to convince”

Are you trying to lose weight, and yet the very word ‘diet’ makes you more hungry? Or, you know your prescribed nutrition and diet but staying consistent is the challenge? One of the causes of excessive eating or poor eating is a lack of awareness of when one is actually hungry as to simply tempted, or using food as an antidote to stress!

Using hypnotherapy for weight loss is more successful when used alongside an eating and exercise plan. Hypnotherapy combined with Cognitive Behavioral approaches for weight loss works through cognitive restructuring, your limiting thoughts & feelings that keep you from your targeted weight. The therapy works around your relationship with food and understanding the emotional motivators.

Focused imagery techniques help break down the attachments you have formed with food. And reframing your thought pattern about food, weight loss, body image, or any other psychological factors.

Few techniques used in weight management sessions

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Awareness and mindfulness

  • Age regression or progression

  • Ego strengthening

  • Pattern Interrupt

Even if hypnotherapy is proven to be effective for weight loss, it is advised to consult a dietician for a personalised diet plan, which accommodates your unique needs, and lifestyle.

So if restoring the sense of calm in your life is what you’re looking for, then CBH could be the way to it. Make that call now and let's talk!



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