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Habit Reversal

“Whatever we learn, we learn by doing it”

Habits can be internal thoughts or external physical actions and many of these are impeding your progress in life. It's an acquired mode of behavior; a pattern acquired by frequent repetition and shows itself in regularity. They are self-directed acts developed by oneself from unmet emotional needs or past conditioning.

The key factor is it is a learned behavioral pattern that provides a significant emotional perception of comfort and pleasure. The key word here is ‘learned’. It is our unconscious mindat work here; making associations between triggers and responses.

Thumbsucking, nailbiting, hair pulling stammering, or habits like procrastination: The success rate of hypnosis is at par with other habit reversal approaches

A hypnotic treatment programme for habit reversals comprises five to six sessions. Interventions are targeted toward three aspects- Feelings, thoughts, and actions.

The components of habit reversal sessions are

  • Awareness training

  • Competing response practice

  • Thought stopping and substitution

  • Desenssatisation

  • Mental Imagery

  • Social support

All our habitual behaviors are driven by the unconscious mind and therefore operate automatically. Through hypnotherapy, we change this unconscious programming,

breaking old negative habits and forming new ones. It might take a bit of effort and time, but it is worth the effort. From dependency to mastery!

So if restoring the sense of calm in your life is what you’re looking for, then CBH could be the way to it. Make that call now and let's talk!



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